About us:

Wholesale In a Box is a new, small, and growing company. Our product is a subscription product that helps makers (like folks you might see on Etsy) get their work into stores. We value being in service to our customers, working hard and being nice, and creating something beautiful each day. We help our makers to grow their businesses and pursue their dreams. You can see more at wholesaleinabox.com.


About the designer we're looking for:

We use human-centered design to build and refine our product over time. That means that we use fast, customer-driven product development cycles that often incorporate some element of design. This includes everything from our app interface, to our public website, to educational and promotional materials.

We’re looking for a designer to work with us 5-15 hours per month on an ongoing basis to design product elements with us. We’ll be focused less on comprehensive redesign or overall branding work, and more on making improvements to elements as we go, and focusing on creating assets rather than one-off pieces.

Our ideal design partner would have an aesthetic that aligns with ours, experience in user-centered/human-centered design, and a willingness to work in incremental, experimental ways.

The work is 10% high-level design strategy, 70% graphic design and layout, and 20% UI/UX design.

You are:

  • Solutions-minded. Constantly looking for things that are out of place or could be improved and coming up with ideas to improve them.

  • Design-obsessed. Can't resist taking snapshots of things from life that outrage or inspire because of design. Is truly obsessive about making things that are more beautiful, more functional, and better-designed than anything that currently exists.

  • Inter-disciplinary. Loves working in interdisciplinary teams and incorporating perspectives, data, and ideas from people with different strengths.

  • Human-centered. Practices human- or user-centered design.

  • Fast and good. You make gorgeous, functional stuff quickly.

  • Experienced. You have experience designing for UI/UX, as well as in print media or other channels. You can draw from that experience and help us avoid design pitfalls and find elegant ways to do things.



We’re looking for a phenomenal partner to work with us 5-15 hours per month on an ongoing basis. Likely, that will mean that we’ll work on a couple of small projects to establish fit on both sides, and then arrange an ongoing commitment that works for both of us.



Think you would be a Good fit? Here's How to connect:

Please send an email to team@wholesaleinabox.com sharing a bit about why you think this work might be a good fit for you, and linking to your portfolio or background.