OH, GOOD. We made a block print to help.


Sign up for Wholesale In a Box by May 25th and get a
limited edition block print to support your wholesale growth.

Sign up for Wholesale In a Box by 5pm EST on May 25th
and use coupon code BLOCKPRINT

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About the Block Print




  • First, identify one thing that you'd like to do to grow your wholesale business. Write that in the middle section next to the arrows.
  • Then, do that thing either once daily for 30 days, or once a week for the next 30 weeks (until the end of the year.) 
  • Each time you complete that action, make an X through the next dot.


Use it to Make steady progress on wholesale

I wanted to make a tool that would guide you to do something simple but important to grow wholesale -- and that you'd do that thing every day for 30 days, or once a week for 30 weeks (until the end of the year).


Why art and connection 

Art is about the thing you make. But it’s also about the energetic exchange between the person that says, “Hey, I made this” and the other person who says, “Wow. Thank you.” The connection completes the loop. When it comes to growing wholesale, this means: connecting with stores and being concise, generous, and direct about why you think your work is a good fit for their store. The thing is, this can be scary. So this block print is to help you stay consistent with those little acts of connection.




We're not pro block print makers so these aren't necessarily professional, permanent quality. But Emily did make them with love in her office for each of you -- and they're limited edition -- so once they're gone, they're gone. Each print is printed with a hard-carved block and printed with high-quality ink on 65-lb white coverstock.

Sign up for Wholesale In a Box by 5pm EST on May 25th
and use coupon code BLOCKPRINT.


More about Wholesale In a box...

Do you have a handmade business and want more wholesale accounts? Wholesale In a Box can help. You get handpicked store profiles, a system for how and when to contact stores, and help along the way. It’s a method that works and a tool to get in stores faster. See reviews from our customers here or more details on the system here.

Some Questions You Might Have...

Q. Where can I learn more about Wholesale In a Box?
A. You can get an overview here, learn what other makers say here, and get the rundown on pricing and what's included here.

Q. How does this relate to the overall Wholesale In a Box method and subscription?
A. The regular Wholesale In a Box subscription is a comprehensive method and tool to grow your wholesale business. This is a fun add-on that we're offering to folks who sign up with us 5/18-5/25 or makers who are already with us.

Q. I'm already a Wholesale In a Box maker. Can I get one of the block prints?
A. Absolutely! We'd love to send you one. Just fill out this form to request one and we'll put it in the mail. 

Q. Can I get one of these in a few weeks?
A. Unfortunately, no. These are limited edition prints and we're not selling them other than as a free tool for Wholesale In a Box makers. They also won't be available after May 25th.

Q. Are there any other good habit tracking tools I could look at?
A. Yes! We have been really inspired by Elise Cripe's daily goaltracker (sign up for her mailing list to learn when she releases the next one) and by Free Period Press's Habit Calendar. These are both great options if you'd like to have other pen-and-paper ways to track habits.


Q. Who made the block print?
A. Emily did (that's me!) I'm the founder of Wholesale In a Box and it's what I love to do. I imagined this block print as a useful tool to help our makers grow over coming weeks and months... and was inspired to learn how to block print in order to make it.