New around here: improved store profiles, an add-this-cool-store button, and more.

We're always working to make Wholesale In a Box work better for you. So we're often behind the scenes, tweaking and tinkering to adjust small things to make your life a teensy bit easier. 

This week, we adjusted several things that we wanted you to know about so that you're not surprised when you see them!

1. Neat new options for updating stores and stockists
You'll notice that we squeezed in a brand-new section on My Dashboard called "Stockists and Updates." Here, you'll be able to do two new things: 

  • View, add, or remove current stockists. Let's say you gained a new account through a trade show or other means -- and you want that to reflect in your goal count and stockist list -- you can add that with the "Add a Current Stockist button." 
  • Add a store for outreach. If you're walking along and see a great shop, or have a list that you keep meaning to reach out to -- just give us the name and city of the store(s) and we'll add full profiles to your My Stores list and integrate outreach for them into your calendar. 

2. You can now update store status in the calendar (as well as in My Stores). 
Before, you were only able to update store status on the My Stores page. We added the ability to mark a store as having placed an order, requested a sample or followup, or said no -- right from the calendar. You can also mark a store as "not for me" there too. 

3. There's a link to the Help Page on My Dashboard.
We also updated it with images to make it a bit easier to navigate. 

4. The store layout in My Stores is spruced up. 
You can see the store's city on that main page, and the store's status is a more findable at a glance. Links to Update Store Status and See More are now in the right column.

We'll keep you posted as we continue to tinker... 

And let us know if you have suggestions for other features or tweaks! You can always shoot us an email at

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