Announcing: Wholesale In a Box Launches a Tool to Cultivate Current Stockists + Get Reorders

Today we are launching our two biggest updates: we are adding the ability to manage and cultivate all of your existing wholesale accounts AND the option for our customers to switch to a $49/month Cultivate plan during busy seasons.  

Our goal at Wholesale In a Box has always been to help makers grow their businesses, on their terms. So we have been nose-to-the-grindstone to see how we can do that even better. Over the past two months, we’ve talked to dozens of our customers, done virtual and in-person studio visits from Pennsylvania to Nebraska to Georgia, and refined every nook and cranny of what we do. 

Here’s what you’ll now be able to do with Wholesale In a Box:

Reach out to new stockists as before AND cultivate your current wholesale accounts all in one place.  

  • No more spreadsheets collecting cobwebs & no more missed reorders because you didn’t follow up
  • See at-a-glance what is pending and where everything stands with every lead and all of your current stockists. 

Use our method -- but also make it your own

  • Set reminders to tell a stockist about your new line, follow up to check in on a recent order and more.
  • Create custom tasks and notes about a store. 

Do all your outreach faster -- no more switching back and forth between screens.

  • Your pending tasks are always front-and-center
  • See a complete history of all of your interactions with any store. 
  • Know exactly where everything stands with easy, color-coded “cards” for each store.

Introduce your work to stores when it works for you, on your schedule

  • A drag-and-drop calendar so you can adjust your to-do’s 

Downshift to a $49/month Cultivate Plan

Most of the time, makers want to be growing and reaching out to stores to introduce their work but sometimes you just need to take a month or two to focus on a trade show, do a redesign, deal with the holiday rush, or move to a new city. When this happens you don’t necessarily want to slam on the brakes but you may not want to reach out to new stores during that time.

That’s why we now have the ability for our customers to downshift to the Cultivate plan for $49/month. While you’re on Cultivate we won’t send you new stores to reach out to but you can continue to reach out to any stores from previous months, have access to the app and cultivate your existing wholesale accounts. You can switch back to the Grow plan and get 20 more stores a month whenever you are ready. 

We are so excited about these changes and we hope you are too!  

Learn more here and of course if you have any questions or would like a screen share walkthrough of the new app, please reach out!

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