Excited and Nervous to Tell You About This New Project...

Hey, you guys!

Today I want to announce a new project that’s really close to our hearts and one of the things I’ve been the most excited about since we started our business.

It’s also something that feels really vulnerable and personal and honest and scary. So the process of putting this together has been periods of pure joy interspersed with bouts of nausea.


Here goes:

  1. We’re starting a “sister” company to Wholesale In a Box that will make other tools and workbooks and training for makers, artists, and designers. That company is called One Mill Co. Just like villages used to have one mill where farmers got their grain ground and ready for market -- One Mill Co is a central place for makers to get tools and clear away obstacles to their work thriving.

  2. One Mill Co’s first project is a series of business Workbooks for makers, artists, and designers. These workbooks are beautiful, soulful and actionable. And we’re coauthoring them with some of the best makers in the business. (Like Gopi Shah, Falling Into Place, and Little Truths Studio.) The very first workbook will be coming out for preorder NEXT WEEK -- with a powerful topic and a gorgeous, wonderful coauthor who we’ll announce then.

In the meantime, I wanted to share the principles and ideas behind One Mill Co.

It’s our manifesto! Also known as: You Don’t Need Advice And 9 Other Things You Already Know.

Anyway, we’ll be announcing the very first One Mill Co workbook very soon! To receive updates on that, just sign up here!

You can also follow along with One Mill Co on:

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