Hi, I’m Emily.


I started Wholesale In a Box in 2015 because I had worked for decades with makers and small businesses and kept hearing the same thing:

“I have a beautiful line. But for this to be sustainable I need to be in more stores. And as a one-woman shop, that process is SO OVERWHELMING. Trade shows are expensive and hit-or-miss. Craft shows are exhausting. Marketplaces and platforms promise the moon but fizzle out or charge sky-high commissions. Even when I get a new stockist, it’s often one-and-done with no reorders.”

That’s why we made Wholesale In a Box. It’s a monthly subscription that gives you perfect-fit stockists to connect to, a system to manage outreach, and in-depth wholesale coaching to super-charge your results.

How it works


We dig in deep to get to know you, your brand, and your goals.

We’re not a corporate megalith or glitzy gurus. We’re a small business like you -- and we take every maker’s business as seriously as we take our own. When you sign up with us, we spend hours getting to know your product line, goals, aesthetic, and how and where you want to grow.

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You get 20 handpicked store leads that are a perfect fit for you.

We go deep into your goals and aesthetic and personally pick the best 20 stores for you to reach out to. Plus, because we often have the inside scoop, many makers find that our stores place bigger orders, more frequently, than reaching out on their own.

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You use a custom-made app to connect with those stores.

The Wholesale In a Box app makes it easy to stay on top of wholesale outreach, followups & orders. We set it up for you with all your outreach tasks, as well as to-dos related to current stockists. So outreach is efficient and easy — and you’re not reinventing the wheel of how and when to reach out.


We give you coaching & handholding to be successful.

Think of us like your on-call wholesale coach. You get 1-on-1 coaching by phone or email plus visual guides for outreach emails, line sheets, wholesale terms, and other key fundamentals. You also get our exclusive Monthly Brief with tips and resources on a key wholesale topic each month, plus our Secret Podcast with mentorship from a standout maker.


You get into more stores, on your terms.

Every new stockist you get through Wholesale In a Box has 0% commission. And that can add up over years of reorders. Most importantly, you’re creating relationships with stores that are truly yours — so even if platforms or algorithms come or go, your wholesale business stays strong.

Wholesale In a Box is $119/month.

0% commissions. 0% percentage-of-sale fees. No contract or commitment.

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