App Tip: The Best Workflow for Outreach






We want every maker who uses Wholesale In a Box to be able to introduce their handmade work to stores powerfully, authentically, and efficiently. Since we can't be in the studio with every maker, we made a video that walks you through a workflow that is as simple and effective as possible.  



Wholesale In a Box maker workflow


Here’s a little more information on what we covered in this video:

  • The overall ideal workflow with Wholesale In a Box, broken down by workflow in the Stores page and workflow in the Calendar page.

  • How to use filters in the Stores page

  • How followups work in relation to intro emails, and our presets for them.

  • What happens if you mark different statuses for stores

  • How to mark tasks as "done"

  • What to do if you get behind in your outreach


looking for more resources on how to use wholesale in a box effectively?

This video is brought to you by Wholesale In a Box, an all-in-one system that makes it easier to introduce your work to stores & cultivate stockist reorders. You make it happen. We make it easier.

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