The Wholesale In a Box Mentor Intensive

OUR new training + support series for makers growing wholesale.



About the Mentor Intensive

Growing wholesale for a handmade business requires skill in so many areas — from finances, to shipping, to website design. But you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or figure it all out yourself. 

We gathered the best guidance from inspiring makers and store owners and put it into our new Mentor Intensive.

The Mentor Intensive is a series of miniclasses by experienced mentors on key wholesale topics. Each miniclass will be released once-a-week for 7 weeks, from Jan 14 to Feb 25. And it’s free if you sign up for Wholesale In a Box by Jan 8th.

Pricing + Signup

The value of this series is $199 but we’re offering it for free to Wholesale In a Box makers.
Sign up for Wholesale In a Box by January 8th with code MENTORS to get it for free.

Our 2019 Wholesale In a Box Mentors + Topics


Standing Out to Stores

Stacey of Mineral and Matter

Stacey Foster is the maker, designer, and shopkeeper behind Mineral and Matter, a handmade line, as well as a studio space and shop in Salt Lake City. Stacey gets specific on how makers can stand out to store owners -- from packaging, to wording emails, to the details and terms that make a difference in making sales.


Growth & Hiring

Katie of Katie Dean Jewelry

Katie Dean is the owner and designer of her eponymous line of jewelry. Katie is candid about her path, what she’s learned, expensive mistakes she hopes you avoid, and how to structure a team so it keeps you sane and healthy.

Money & Hustle

Jennie of Jenny Lemons

Jennie Lennick runs Jenny Lemons, a small-batch clothing company (and now store and workshop space!) in San Francisco. Jennie delves into the topics many makers don’t talk about publicly -- money and finances, hustling through lean times, and what to do when people hate what you make.


Community & Collaborations

Gopi of Gopi Shah Ceramics

Gopi runs Gopi Shah Ceramics, a collection of unique handmade ceramics and pottery in Long Beach, California. Gopi shares how she makes maker friends and forges professional collaborations, even in places where she knows no one. Gopi has grown her business through these collaborations, and found support and community along the way.


Balancing Making & Shopkeeping

Elizabeth of Philomena & Ruth

Elizabeth Hann owns and runs the beloved shop Philomena and Ruth and is the maker behind a line of socially conscious accessories and t-shirts. Elizabeth talks about what she really looks for when buying lines for the store, how she stays sane while running a store and a product line, and why your tags are probably too big.


Getting Great Photos

Anna Carson Dewitt

Anna Carson Dewitt is a photographer who focuses on makers, small businesses, and families. Anna shares how to get great photos of your process and products — for any budget. She also delves into how to make the most of a photo shoot and whether an iPhone can really work for your photos.


Websites & Branding

Arianne of Aeolidia 

Arianne Foulks runs Aeolidia, a branding, design, and custom Shopify website shop. She talks about why Shopify really is the best website platform for makers, when to DIY and when to hire a pro, and where to focus if you know your brand needs work but you just don’t have a lot of time or money.


More about Wholesale In a box...

Do you have a handmade business and want more wholesale accounts? Wholesale In a Box can help. You get handpicked store profiles, a system for how and when to contact stores, and help along the way. It’s a method that works and a tool to get in stores faster. See reviews from our customers here or more details on the system here.

FAQs About The Mentor Intensive

Q. How much does the Mentor Intensive cost?
A. It's absolutely free! If you sign up for the Wholesale In a Box subscription by January 8th (at the regular price), you can get the Mentor Intensive at no extra cost. Just use coupon code MENTORS at signup.

Q. Can current Wholesale In a Box customers get this?
A. Absolutely. Just fill out this form and we’ll get you signed up for the Mentor Intensive! We expect it to be a really nice complement to the work you’re already doing with Wholesale In a Box, giving you an extra boost for the new year.

Q. Don’t you offer coaching as part of Wholesale In a Box anyway? How is this different?
A. We certainly do offer unlimited coaching as part of Wholesale In a Box. (For more on what's included in the subscription, click here.) This is different because it's an intensive boost that’s not usually offered. We don't normally offer any of these specific components as part of the regular subscription, even though all of our makers have access to coaching at any time.

Q. What if I sign up for the Mentor Intensive and then I have questions or need help?
A. If you have other questions or want to discuss in more depth, we can do that! As a Wholesale In a Box maker, you can schedule a one-on-one coaching call with Emily at any time.

Q. What are the timing and dates of everything?
A. After you sign up for Wholesale In a Box (with coupon code MENTORS), you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Mentor Intensive. Program content will start on 1/14, with new lessons being released weekly on Mondays, from 1/14 until 2/25.

Q. What is Wholesale In a Box, exactly?
A. Wholesale In a Box is an all-in-one system to help you grow get your handmade line into more stores. You get handpicked store profiles, a system for how and when to contact stores, and help along the way. It’s a method that works and a tool to get in stores faster. See reviews from our customers here or more details on the system here.

Q. What is the structure of the Mentor Intensive?
A. Well, we asked each mentor what crucial topic they could teach on to help other makers grow wholesale. In a series of interviews, we dug deep into those topics and turned the mentor’s guidance into a “miniclass.” Each miniclass is a beautifully designed and structured written piece — and they’ll be released weekly, on each monday of the 7-week program.

Q. What will be required of me as a participant?
A. We recommend that you set aside a little time to look over the miniclass and reflect on the takeaways and action steps. You can do that on your schedule, though — whether in 10 minutes per week for the 7 weeks of the program, or by setting aside a larger chunk at the end.

Q. Can I sign up for the Mentor Intensive without signing up for Wholesale In a Box?
A. This is a program that’s only for Wholesale In a Box makers (for now)! We do have other free resources for makers growing wholesale in our Training Center and in our beloved email course, though!

Ready to jump in?

Sign up for Wholesale In a Box by January 8th with coupon code MENTORS and you'll be enrolled in the program.