Next Level Month: Reboot & Restart

This "Next level Month" will cover: how to start (or re-start) connecting with storeS, without that frantic feeling.


what you'll do + What to expect:

1. Read the guide.

Start by reading through this guide. We've made it as simple, concise, and practical as possible. 

2. Fill out the short worksheet.

At the end of the guide, fill out the short worksheet to get the Wholesale In a Box team caught up on the best ways to support you. 

3. Get support.

Once you fill that worksheet out, we'll be right back in touch with targeted help -- feedback, a coaching call, and check-ins to keep you on track with the bite-sized changes to really impact the number of store orders you get.


Let's Get started!


You want to grow your wholesale business. 

You know that wholesale will help you even out the seasonal crazy-cycles, let you cultivate a few high-impact relationships with store owners, and give you a solid base to work from. 

But then the days and weeks pass, and despite your best intentions, all the URGENT stuff you need to do starts to crowd out the really important stuff you wanted to do to grow your business. Then, it starts to feel too overwhelming to catch back up, you’re not 100% sure where you left off, but you really don’t just want to throw in the towel.

Here’s the honest truth. We’re small business owners, too. There’s nothing we hate worse than wasting time or money -- because every dollar is hard-earned and every minute is precious. So our priority is helping you jump back in -- in a way that is really sustainable. 

If this sounds like you -- we want to help. And here’s how...

Get GOING Fast with 3 & 3 & 3


We know how incredibly overwhelming this kind of thing can feel, so we’re going to make this easy for you.

We want you to do 3 things now, to help you get started.

And then we want you to do 3 simple things per week for the next 3 weeks.

There is a lot of data to support the idea that anything you can do consistently becomes a habit. And for you to grow wholesale, you do have to reach out consistently, as a habit. So for anyone that is having trouble getting started, our goal is to get you going quickly, in a way that is simple as easy to sustain. The goal is NOT to get everything perfect and then start. You can always revise and improve your materials as you go.

3 things to do now

1. Set a time to do outreach every week.
You only need to start with an hour. Pick a day and a time when you can often count on some quiet work. Maybe it's before the rest of the house wakes up... or an hour on Sunday evening before the week starts... or one weekday at lunchtime. Jot down the day and time you select in the worksheet below AND put it on your calendar as a recurring "meeting" with yourself. Is an hour not enough? Who cares?! You’ll make a lot of progress in an hour. You’ll also get faster at outreach as you go. Start with a single hour.

2. Tell us if you’re behind.
Have you gotten a little bit behind with your outreach? Whether you're behind by a week or by several months, we can help with that. Just add a note that you're behind in the worksheet below -- to tell us “I need help! I’m behind!” -- and we will fix your calendar so you can jump back in with two feet.

3. Pull together your outreach materials. 
Give yourself 15 minutes (no, really, set a timer) to pull together your outreach materials. "15 minutes?!" you might be saying, "That is not nearly enough time! That could take me 15 hours and I still wouldn't be done with it." 

Here's the thing. If you’ve already signed up for Wholesale In a Box, and we didn’t email you to tell you it’s not a good fit -- you already have everything you need to start reaching out to store.

What could you use to present your products? Maybe it’s a line sheet, or an online store, or even your Etsy page. If you have something wonderful already, that’s great. If it’s not ideal, honestly, start with that -- and once you’re in the swing of outreach, we can make it better.

What about an email template? Honestly, this is the biggest stumbling block for most makers. So we want to make this easy. Just let us know where you're at with your email template in the worksheet below and we'll help you get it finished up in no time flat.


3 THINGS TO do for the next 3 weeks

Now, here are the three things you need to do each week for the next 3 weeks to create the I'm-growing-my-wholesale-business habit. Remember the weekly time you set to do your outreach? Open up that calendar entry and paste the below in your calendar description so you remember what you need to do each week:

  • Update and store responses in the Wholesale In a Box system.
  • Look over your stores for outreach that week.
  • Send introduction or followup emails, per schedule on the calendar.

If you don't finish all of your outreach emails in the hour that you set, move on! It is better to consistently do 90% of what you need to do, than it is to wait until you can do it ALL, perfectly.


Your next step: fill out this short worksheet


What’s nexT

As soon as you fill out the worksheet above, we will be back in touch to:

  • Schedule a short coaching call to help you clear away any obstacles or touch base on your outreach materials.
  • Send you a coaching roundup with a summary of what we talk about and action items for you.
  • Check in with you as you go, to answer questions and help you stay on track.



Great. Email Emily with any questions at all and she'll get right back to you: