Wholesale In a Box Secret Podcast: Episode Three


Episode 3 Podcast Image - Version 1.png

For Episode 3 of the Wholesale In a Box Secret Podcast, we’re reminding makers that Store Owners Are People Too. I spoke with our special guest Elizabeth Hahn, owner of Philomena and Ruth, a shop in Waterloo, IL where she carries her line of socially conscious tees and accessories under the same name, as well as a curated assortment of goods from independent makers. So she’s got both the experience/perspective of a maker and store owner.

We dive deep into: 

  • How she got her start as a store owner

  • What really matters to her when buying new lines

  • Challenges and best parts of owning a store

  • Advice for reaching out to shops

  • What motivates her as a maker and shop owner, and how she stays sane and happy on the journey

  • Her biggest pet peeves as a store owner

We want to hear your feedback! If you have any tips of your own on how you approach store owners, or any questions/topics you’d like to see us explore in the future, send us an email at team@wholesaleinabox.com.