That Pesky Inner Critic: Building Resilience in Wholesale



We’ve all heard it. It’s the voice that magically turns on whenever you’re about to leap boldly into something new. It’s the voice that says “this isn’t good enough”. It’s the voice that says “you should probably just stop now” whenever you’re rejected. Perhaps it sounds like you, perhaps it sounds like your mother.


The Inner Critic is real.


So is your success. And long-term success requires resilience - learning how to move your wholesale business forward over and over again in spite of rejection and seasonal highs and lows. Unfortunately, you’ll never get rid of that pesky inner critic. But you can learn how to manage it, and even take advantage of what it’s trying to say to you.




Here’s what we’ve found to be helpful:


  1. Your Inner Critic talks to you. Name its voice.

    • It’s a simple trick, but when you give your inner critic a name, you realize it’s not you. So come up with something - maybe it’s a lifelong naysayer (maybe it really is your mother). Maybe it’s the first stockist who rejected your product.

    • I have a friend who bought an actual object (it's an owl, for reference) that represents her inner critic. Having some physical "thing" helps her to realize that her critic is a character - it's a story with a voice.

  2. Write those thoughts down

    • When your Inner Critic is talking to you, write down what comes up. You’ll be able to start noticing patterns - and perhaps, you’ll be able to start recognizing the stories you’re accustomed to telling yourself.

  3. Respond & Act

    • What do you want to say back to your Inner Critic? Write your responses next to what it says to you.

    • Decide what YOU want to do, and go do it.

    • Find something or someone to keep you accountable to what you want and where you’re going. We at Wholesale In a Box have developed tons of ways to keep our makers on track with achieving their goals, and we’re available for 1:1 coaching to support you in growing your wholesale over the long term.  


It’s important to remember that sometimes your Inner Critic is right.

Building resilience is also about how to prioritize - relationships, stockists to cultivate, products to feature in your emails. Your Inner Critic can be helpful in honing in on what is important for you and for your business.


Just don’t listen to it all of the time.

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