About us:

Wholesale In a Box is a new, small, and growing company. We help makers (like folks you see on Etsy) get their work into stores. We value being in service to our customers, working hard and being nice, and creating something beautiful each day. We help our makers to grow their businesses and pursue their dreams. You can see more at


About the Store Stylist and Maker Support we're looking for:

This work is at the heart of Wholesale in a Box. You will be collaborating with, and supporting, Emily and Etan in finding, handpicking, and profiling the stores that our makers work with each month, as well as supporting, coaching, and guiding each of our makers throughout their time with us. 

The "Store Stylist" part of the job is working with us to handpick the stores that we share with our makers using a special online interface. It involves an eye for style, a desire to help our makers grow their business, great written (email) communication, and diligence to do a lot of repetitive, detailed, fast-paced, online work under your own direction.

The "Maker Support" part of the job is about conspiring for our makers' success and business growth. It's about thinking creatively, within constraints, about how to support business owners in doing the hard work to thrive. It's also about doing the "grunt work" on their behalf. You’ll need to be able to care for makers and coach makers in a professional, confident, warm, concise way with our guidance.

A reality of our company right now is that we’re changing fast, growing fast, and learning on the fly. That means that our team members need to be able to adapt, problem-solve, deal with some amount of ambiguity, and stay positive and solutions-oriented when things are challenging

You are:

  • Style Savvy. You love different styles, have an eye for what "fits" in a certain style, and even if a style isn't yours, you can see what makes it work.

  • Diligent + focused. You're happy spending a few hours doing high-level and creative work... and then jumping in to do several hours of detailed, repetitive work that others might find tedious but you find fun and meditative.

  • Precise. You're thoughtful in everything you do, are very detail-oriented, but also challenge yourself to work fast.

  • Self-directed. You expertly manage your own schedule and goals and are happy working remotely, on your laptop.

  • Passionate. You care deeply about serving clients and being thoughtful about going above and beyond to make their day and grow their business.

  • A Pro Communicator. You can comfortably and quickly write emails that are direct, caring, perceptive, and enthusiastic.  

  • Adaptable and coachable. You are excited to learn new skills and get better over time -- and are great at communicating with a team on successes and challenges in the work. You ask questions if you're not clear on what you need to do.

  • Computer-savvy. You quickly and accurately use Google Docs, Google Calendar, Excel (and similar levels of software), and have strong research skills. You also learn new software super-easily.


Specifics about the job:

This job is a part-time (10-25 hours per week) position, paid hourly, that we expect to last for a long time to come. As we grow, there will likely be the opportunity to work more hours per week (perhaps up to 35) and to expand the role you play here. The job is remote, but we have some preference for someone who could come work from our light-filled Hudson Valley office a few days per week. We need you to be available during weekdays and have approximately 24-hour turnaround time on tasks (on weekdays only). Other than that, you can set your own hours, but it's important that you're able to be responsive via email very reliably (within that 24 hour turnaround time) and that you're available every weekday unless you've arranged to be off in advance. You need to have a well-functioning laptop with a great internet connection.

Rate: $15/hour

Think This role is a great fit for you? We can't wait to hear from you. Please fill out this application form to start the process.