What to Expect


1-on-1 wholesale coaching. 
Sometimes you just need another perspective or a second pair of eyes. So we are just an email or call away for wholesale collaboration and coaching. Emily uses her breadth of expertise across the business world, and her depth of experience with helping 400+ makers grow wholesale -- so you don’t have to go down blind alleys or waste time.


Store picks so good it feels like cheating.
We go deep into your goals and aesthetic and personally pick the best 20 stores for you. Plus, because we often have the inside scoop, many makers find that our stores place bigger orders, more frequently, than reaching out on their own. 


Best-in-class training & guides.
Visual guides and templates for outreach emails, line sheets, wholesale terms, etc. So you can start from scratch with full guidance, or refine your materials to be as effective as possible.


Super-responsive support.
We’re a small team and get back to your emails and requests within 1 business day -- so you can count on us. You’ll only hear from Genevieve, Simone, Amy, or Emily -- and we’re all filled in on your business so you won’t be starting from scratch ever.


Respect for you and your business.
We won’t act like jerks or treat you like everyone else. We’ll never bark at you to “put on your big girl panties.” But we will hold space for you to grow into your own potential and access your own wisdom.


Hand-Holding + Structure.
Our calendar and outreach structure keep you on track without the stress. It’s the most efficient way for busy makers to stay stay on top of things. We are obsessed with supporting our makers and are thrilled to be there every step of the way.

Our Promise to You

We know creative freedom matters. So we have no contracts, no commitments, and you can start, stop, or change plans whenever you want. Give it a try -- love it or get 100% of your money back in your first 30 days.

Need help deciding if Wholesale In a Box is a good fit? 

We would love to talk about how you are hoping to grow and see if it's right for you. You can set a time to talk to us using our calendar scheduler, here. Or, email us at

Frequently Asked Questions


Don’t I need to do trade shows to grow wholesale?
How you grow is certainly up to you, but many makers we work with find that the $10-$15K cost of going to a trade show is a big gamble for a small business. With Wholesale In a Box, you're able to grow your wholesale in a more accessible, lower risk way.

What is the success rate? How many stores will I get? 
It varies. Some of our customers have gotten 5 stores in their first month, and others saw growth that was much slower than that. We find it has a lot to do with the consistency of how they reach out and follow up, the quality of their product line, as well as how much thought they put into things like their line sheet. There are certainly no guarantees, but for someone that wants to grow and doesn't have the time to do ALL the legwork and planning themselves -- this is a really high-yield way to invest in growing over the course of a few months.

Do you help with line sheets? Storytelling? Email templates?
Absolutely! We love to help our makers with those pieces of the process. You’ll get an in-depth email course after you sign up to help guide you through those steps. Plus, we are available for free unlimited expert business coaching, one-on-one via phone or email whenever you need feedback, an in-depth review, or to bounce an idea off someone!

When you say free, unlimited coaching and support, what do you mean?
You can schedule a wholesale coaching call with Emily as often as you want. Those sessions are priced at $150 for folks outside of Wholesale In a Box, but are free for Wholesale In a Box makers. Plus, you can send over samples of your outreach, line sheets, website links, etc. anytime and we'll provide you with feedback for each iteration.

What if I just want to jump on the phone once for help?
Wholesale In a Box subscriptions come with free unlimited business coaching and support. That means we can collaborate as often as is helpful, via phone and email. It's our favorite part of the work! But if you'd like some guidance and aren't a Wholesale In a Box subscriber, we offer individual coaching sessions for makers and creative business owners through One Mill Co.

Do you work with businesses like mine?
Click here to see some of the makers we work with and what folks have to say about Wholesale In a Box. And, if you want to talk over whether it's a fit for you, feel free to schedule a call with us, using this calendar scheduler. 

How did you get into this?
We have each spent the last decade working with artisan makers and producers and are really passionate about helping these independent spirits flourish. Recently, we noticed that the generation of makers who started on Etsy and at craft fairs are now struggling to get their products into brick and mortar stores. So we decided to use our past experience and our passion to help maker businesses do the work they love in a sustainable way. You can read more about us here.

What if I get busy and need to take a break from outreach?
We offer a $49/month "Cultivate" plan. While you’re on Cultivate we won’t send you new stores to reach out to but you can continue to reach out to any stores from previous months, have access to the app, and cultivate your existing wholesale accounts. You can switch back to the Grow plan and get 20 more stores whenever you are ready.

Eek! That’s a lot of money for my business!
We can understand that! And Wholesale In a Box certainly isn't for everyone. But the makers we work with tend to find that the dozens of hours saved, expert business coaching, new wholesale accounts, and increase in reorders more than earn back the investment.

Do you email the stores or do I?
You do. We have found that stores want to hear from the maker herself. The thing to know about us is that we're not a rep and we're not a marketplace. We're not going between you and the store. Instead, we're the maker's store scout and secret weapon -- working on your end to make store outreach easier and more effective. We give you 20 handpicked store leads per month, an online tool preloaded with your outreach tasks for every single store, and unlimited business coaching to make sure your outreach is professional and effective.

What if I don't like it? What if it doesn't work for me?
We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Use Wholesale In a Box for a month and if you're not thrilled, shoot us an email and we will give you a refund.

Is there a contract and do you guys take a fee?
Nope! No contract and no percentage of sale fees other than the monthly $119 fee. It renews every month but you can cancel at any time.

Can you give me stores that focus on or stay away from a certain region, such as the Northwest?
Absolutely! Just tell us where you are looking to focus in your survey. We can’t go to the far extreme -- like all 20 stores from just 2 or 3 cities or a single state, for instance -- but if you’re looking to grow in a certain place or avoid a certain place, we can make that a focus of the stores each month.

Who is this not a good fit for?
We’ve found that the people who get the most leverage from Wholesale In a Box are folks who design and make something that they are really passionate about, and that is unique in the marketplace. We don’t recommend it for folks who are large-scale manufacturers or importers of goods, even if they are unique, as many of the stores we work with are focused on handmade goods. We also don’t work well for brands that only want to be in big box or chain retailers. Not sure if it's a fit for your business? Feel free to schedule a call with us, using this calendar scheduler and we can talk it over.

How is Wholesale In a Box better than Faire? Is there any reason to use both?
Wholesale In a Box and Faire have different advantages, depending on your goals. Wholesale In a Box is a tool that puts store relationships in your hands, with zero commissions for the lifetime of all the new store accounts you get. In addition, you are more active in the process, which can take an hour or so per week, but you're building personal relationships with stores and do not have to worry about losing those connections in the future. Also, Wholesale In a Box is great for makers that want to improve their wholesale skills and strategies -- we give you powerful training and coaching around everything from line sheets to managing wholesale effectively. That said, Faire can be a great tool to get some new store accounts -- and many of our makers have their line on Faire and also use Wholesale In a Box. If you choose that route, we can coach you through the steps to maximize your results with the two approaches. For more on how to use Faire and Wholesale In a Box together effectively, check out this in-depth article here.