We are honored to work with some of the best in the business, makers who are serious about their business and dedicated to their craft. 
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SucCess stories 



Honestly, craft shows have never really worked for my business and I was feeling really frustrated about how to grow my business. A month or so after the show, I began working with WIAB and got my first account within a month.

Prior to working with Wholesale In a Box, I was not doing anything to proactively gain new wholesale accounts. I was simply waiting for them to come to me. Basically waiting for my business to grow for itself. I have since gained 6 new wholesale accounts through Wholesale In a Box.

In addition to the 8 new accounts I have gotten through WIAB, I have gained the experience of how to reach out to stores in a professional manner. I have also gained a focus for my business. I now think more in terms of what I sell, and the price points instead of simply thinking about the creative process of my products.

Wholesale In a Box is a tool for growing your business. They are a personal consultant for your wholesale business that comes in monthly, doable chunks.


MKC PHOTOGRAPHY / Michelle Ciarlo-Haye

I started mkc photography nearly a decade ago. I’m passionate about creating art and wares that are heirloom-quality and can be purchased and given in many different ways: gifts and artwork that children will not soon outgrow; expressions of love and devotion for all ages; pieces that are treasured and collected.

While I already had a strong following and have close to 100 stockists - I wanted to expand my reach beyond exhibiting in the Handmade section at NY NOW twice a year and find retailers who might not attend those wholesale shows. I've been able to build connections with stores that had not previously known about my work, and continuing to grow my list of qualified, curated leads is important to the longevity of my business.

The worst part about growing my wholesale has been making the first cold connections: I was nervous about bothering store owners and never liked to get in touch with anyone who hadn't sought me out first. Another thing I didn't like doing was following up after reaching out and not hearing back from a store: I felt like I was annoying people!

I have learned how to reach out properly, how to craft a pitch that is beneficial for the stores because it is well thought out and makes it easy for them to review and respond, and how to follow up (and that it needs to be done more than once!)

Not having to research stores that would be a good fit for my line (and not having to research their contact information, etc) is incalculably helpful. I really can't put a number on it, it's been that much of a time-saver. I've gained one new account since I joined in April but more importantly I've gained a number of very interested leads who I look forward to staying in touch with via my mailing list.

I'd say it's a bit like a concierge dating service for makers and retailers :) Or, it's like hiring someone to take over the minutia of marketing your business: you still make and retain control of the connections, but all the research and scheduling is lifted from your plate, leaving you with more valuable time to create and make.

You can't ask for a more responsive, dedicated team than Emily and Etan: that they are always available for questions or for tech support which is really fantastic.


sugar sky shop / Skyler Thomas

We design & sew super-comfy, high-quality, fun-patterned headbands that are made of comfy fabric that is sourced, printed and sewn right here in the US by local women. This is something that is extremely important to us as it allows for us to employ & love on those right here in the US and in our community.

To be honest, we were struggling with a lot. A lot that I didn’t even know we were struggling with until I had my first discovery call with Emily. I was aware of ‘how to craft a good email’ to a store, but WIAB opened my eyes up to so much more. Initially, I thought my main struggle was the time that it took for me to research stores and how to track that information… which was a very valid struggle, but after diving deep with Emily, I found out there is much more to successfully reach and connect with stores.

Now, my wholesale life has order! Yay! I was tracking everything via spreadsheet. As much conditional formatting as I can give an Excel file, it doesn’t exactly inform you what stores you need to follow up with, how many times you’ve followed up previously, etc. With WIAB, I have a one-stop-shop for my wholesale accounts and it allows me to sit down every morning and send off my emails for that day. Organization in this realm is, of course, a beautiful thing for a small business owner!

The worst part about growing wholesale was I just really didn’t have time to sit down, scout out stores, and track them on a ridiculously long spreadsheet. I remember cringing when I would have to open up that spreadsheet because there was so much information I had to sort through just to start sending emails or follow ups out to stores.

When I started working with Wholesale in a Box  I had several wholesale accounts based on several accounts that had reached out to us (5 accounts total). After working with the platform for around 4 months total, we now have 11 additional stockists - many of whom have ordered several times! That’s an average of gaining roughly 3 new wholesale accounts per month!

WIAB is a platform that gives a company like SugarSky the ability to easily reach and connect with retail stores. WIAB delivers 20 tailored stores to us per month, with already assigned tasks, so your schedule of when to send emails, follow up emails, samples, etc. is right at your fingertips. Initially, I was hesitant for the $99/month commitment, but if life gets too hectic, they allow you to “downshift”, so you can still use the platform, and you simply receive your 20 stores when you decide to “upshift” again. It’s pretty sweet because you don’t have to do any information gathering - the name of the store owner, Instagram handles, website, etc. are all available in the “store profile” that the WIAB team puts together for each of the 20 stores!