3 Things You Can (and Should) Put in the Box With Your First Order

In previous posts we have said that reaching out to stores is a moment of great potential. This is never truer than when a store gets their first order. It’s an opportunity to start the relationship off right, to shake their hand (figuratively speaking) and tell them how excited you are to be working with them. 

3 things you can (and should) put in the box:

  • Something to make you stand out
    It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive but something sincere and on-brand is what you should be going for.  That might just mean a thank you card telling them you are there if they need anything. 

  • Help them make you look good
    You have more experience than the store in displaying your products well.  Consider sending them a simple easy-to-use tool to allow your products to stand out.  You don’t need to send them a six foot card rack if you are selling stationery, think small, something that you could package your order up in, for instance.  A great example we saw recently at a local coffee shop is how the Mast Brothers send their chocolate! 


  • Make it easy to reorder
    Make it easy for them to reorder by following up with a phone call and asking them how things are going, what’s been selling and what hasn’t, and if there is anything you can do to help. Robin Kramer and Tracy Matthews give the great advice of not being afraid of your buyers! While you’re on the phone with them, ask if they would like to ‘fill up’ on anything in particular that has been selling well. 

What do you include in your box? What has worked well for your company? If you need someone to think this through with feel free to set up a time to speak with us here! We are more than happy to help.

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